The Team

John and Gwen - Directors

Chapter Care founder Gwen and her husband John are the Grandparents of the whole team. Although they have taken a step back towards retirement they still have an active interest in the staff and their wellbeing and make time for everyone. Two of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting, and the whole staff feel priviledged to be a part of their dream. 

Helen - Manager

As THE Manager, Helen seems to do everything. Very hands on and able to apply herself to every job in the company - we've even known her to head out caring when needed as her wealth of experience allows her to. She may be small in stature but her personality is huge and really makes Chapter Care what it is. 

Jeff - Business Manager

Jeff is in control of all Chapter Care's business side, including new projects. Jeff has a unique eye for detail and seems to thrive in a fast, upscale environment. Part Executive, part Entrepreneur, part Geek, all Chapter Care. The more he works, the more he seems to eat. We don't see it as a coincidence McDonnalds has had a refit since he started working with us!

Nicky - Recruitment and Training Officer

Nicky leads recruitment and training, all new members will know Nicky. An excellent person to head our need for new staff as her personality is such that people are drawn to her. Bright, bubbly and lifts office moral whenever she's about. Dedicated to a point we did wonder whether she was living in the office at one time.

Mike - Training Support Officer

Mike has been with the company since time began, in fact he was there giving God advice on the creation of the universe (some say Mike was responsible for letting there be light but this is to be confirmed). Mike helps manage the staff needs and is excellent with people, a real fun guy to work alongside.

Lisa - Care Co-ordinator

As Care Co-ordinator, Lisa is responsible for ensuring that the Care Workers rotas are produced correctly, covering all Service Users visits and sending the rotas out on time to the Care Workers. Lisa knows more swear words than anyone else on the planet and probably has the hardest job in the company, but please don't tell her because her methodical approach to it means she handles it with ease.

Emma - Operations Assisstant

As Operations Assisstant, Emma is the heart of Chapter Care and is the person we all go to if we're not sure who to speak to or where to find things. Emma is exciteable to the point we thought about asking the doctor to medicate her at one time. However, she really is the fountain of all knowledge - or so she tells us!

Sue - Administrator

Sue is a part time administrator and with her previous Health Service experience actively supports Emma making sure the office keeps on top of the numerous activities that occur. Sue is also very reliable and an excellent coffee maker!

Paula - Senior Supervisor

Paula is great, she is one of the most qualified members of staff we have and uses her vast experience to oversee all the supervisory tasks and ensure everything is being managed correctly. Paula brings an element of fun to the office, with an infectious laugh she is always good to be around. Paula reacts to situations as they arise and makes sure everything is dealt with to perfection you can't teach.

Tracy - Supervisor

Tracy is responsible for overseeing the carers and ensuring they all care correctly. Her supervisory role means she's constantly on the go and ready to crack her whip at every opportunity. But, Tracy also keeps lines of communication between staff and the office open. One of our most proactive staff members. When things get tough, Tracy rolls her sleeves up and just does like no one else.

Juliet - Supervisor

Juliet is the newest member of our office team but brings a wealth of experience and is highly qualified. Looking to raise Chapter Care's profile to the next level, Juliet is very hands on and full of new, incredible ideas. Created her own position, excelled at it and has now decided to give us a whole new dimension we didn't realise we need. Juliet is very empowered in her new role!