The Team

John and Gwen - Directors


Chapter Care founder Gwen and her husband John are the Grandparents of the whole team. Although they have taken a step back towards retirement they still have an active interest in the staff and their wellbeing and make time for everyone. Two of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting, and the whole staff feel priviledged to be a part of their dream. 

Helen - Registered Manager


As the Registered Manager, Helen seems to do everything. Very hands on and able to apply herself to every job in the company - we've even known her to head out caring when needed as her wealth of experience allows her to. She may be small in stature but her personality is huge and really makes Chapter Care what it is. 

Jeff - Business Director


Jeff is in control of all Chapter Care's business side, including new projects. Jeff has a unique eye for detail and seems to thrive in a fast, upscale environment. Part Executive, part Entrepreneur, part Geek, all Chapter Care. The more he works, the more he seems to eat. We don't see it as a coincidence McDonnalds has had a refit since he started working with us!

Emma - Operations Manager


As Operations Manager, Emma is the heart of Chapter Care and is the person we all go to if we're not sure who to speak to or where to find things. Emma is exciteable to the point we thought about asking the doctor to medicate her at one time. However, she really is the fountain of all knowledge - or so she tells us! 

Mike - Training Manager


Mike has been with the company since time began, in fact he was there giving God advice on the creation of the universe (some say Mike was responsible for letting there be light but this is to be confirmed). Mike helps manage the staff needs and is excellent with people, a real fun guy to work alongside. 

Nicky - Supervisor


Nicky is one of our most proactive Supervisors. Bright, bubbly and lifts office morale whenever she's about. Dedicated to a point we did wonder whether she was living at work at one time. Nicky encompasses the phrase 'take the bull by the horns' - no sooner has something arisen than she'll have acted on it. Chapter Care wouldn't be the same without Nicky.

Tracy - Supervisor


Tracy is responsible for overseeing the carers and ensuring they all care correctly. Her supervisory role means she's constantly on the go and ready to crack her whip at every opportunity. But, Tracy also keeps lines of communication between staff and the office open. One of our most proactive staff members. When things get tough, Tracy rolls her sleeves up and just does like no one else.

Lisa - Supervisor


Lisa is the latest edition to our Supervisory team. Lisa joined Chapter Care as a carer but it was soon clear that she was so professional we needed her in a position more suited to her experience and qualifications and that's been confirmed by the confident manner in which she has stepped into her new role. Liked by everyone, we are proud to say Lisa is working for us in the capacity she is.

Rosie - Finance Officer


Rosie joined us as an apprentice to learn the finance side of Chapter Care which is a huge responsibility. To say Rosie took this in her stride is an understatement, she has become a real asset already. Bright, intelligent and proactive but also fun to have in the office, a real team player and adds a real professional  demeanour  to the growing office staff at Chapter Care. Carlsberg don't make apprentices but if they did...

Toni Wyatt - Coordinator


Toni joined our staff and slotted into her position as a Coordinator with ease. As a Coordinator Toni collaborates with the staff to create the rotas which is vital in the smooth running of the organisation. Bright, fun, enthusiastic and dedicated to a tee, Toni is a highly valued member of the team and if we're honest, she has the hardest job in the entire sector. Just don't tell her that.

Winston - Mascot


Winston has recently joined our staff and is the resident Chapter Care mascot. He's good at chewing , barking and staying up late - but he also loves cuddles and gives kisses. Winston is an Alapapha Blue Blood Bulldog and like Chapter Care will grow and become strong, caring and protective.